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Research interests of Prof. Dukkipati lie in foundations of machine learning. In particular, he is interested in problems related to network analysis, spectral graph methods, machine learning in low data regime, sequential decision making under uncertainity and deep reinforcement learning.

Ph.D. Students

Tony is a PhD student joined in 2017. His main research focus is Bayesian Deep Learning & its applications. He has done his masters in Signal Processing from IISc and Bachelors in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from NIT Calicut.
Tony GraciousEmail tonygracious@iisc
Annervaz did his Masters in IIT Bombay, and has been in Accenture Technology Labs since then. Currently, he joined for Ph.D. with the aim of developing tools and methods for learning from big data.
Annervaz K. M.Email annervaz@iisc
Shaarad completed his masters in mathematics and joined the lab as a PhD student in 2018. He is interested in machine learning and deep learning.
A R ShaaradEmail rangaa@iisc
Rahul V is an PhD candidate (ERP) at CSA, IISc along with working in GE Healthcare. His day job is to tinker with machine learning algorithms to solve medical imaging problems, evenings for resigning to the fact that his tinkerings have underperformed the baselines and hopes he can enjoy academic delights in the night. He is broadly interested in understanding why deep learning algorithms work, and if they can indeed work well with noisy and fewer samples.
Rahul VEmail rahulv@iisc
Parag joined StatsML Group as a Ph.D. student in 2022. He used to work on statistical modelling during his masters. Now, he is excited about causality and reinforcement learning as well.
Parag DuttaEmail paragdutta@iisc
Arpana joined the PhD in 2021. She has industrial exp of 4+ years. She completed her master's from IIST Trivandrum in ML and bachelor's from NIT Surat in CS. She has worked in areas of deep learning, computer vision, transformers and NLP. Currently, she is working for ML in Neuroscience.
Arpana AlkaEmail
Mainak completed his B.E. in IT from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He finds beauty in the preciseness of Physics and Mathematics. He was introduced to ML and DL during his undergraduate studies. He has used deep learning models for NLP. He finds AI models to be elegant representations of the human brain. Presently he is using deep computer vision models to understand neural mechanisms of attention from EEG data.
Mainak BiswasEmail

Masters Students (Project)

Abhishek is a MTech student in CSA department. He likes the fact the future is all about AI and ML. He wants to contribute to it by solving real world problems in these domains.
Abhishek Singh Narwaria Email
Hitesh is pursuing his (2020-2022) at CSA, IISc. He completed his B.Tech. from Guru gobind singh indraprastha university. His interest lies in solving real world problems using deep learning
Hitesh Poply Email
Mahabir is currently pursuing Mtech in CSA from IISC . He has completed his Btech in 2019 from IIIT Bhubaneswar. He is interested in Deep Learning and theoretical foundations of Machine learning.
Mahabir Sibam Senapati Email
Nitish is pursuing his (2020-2022) at CSA, IISc. He completed his B.Tech. from Panjab University. He is passionate about Deep learning and Reinforcement learning. He aspires to contribute to the solution of bias in AI
Nitish Gupta Email
Pratyaksha is an M.Tech student in Department of CSA (Batch 2020-22). She graduated from BIT Mesra. She loves to solve Machine Learning Problems. She wants to contribute to this field by utilizing the potential of unstructured data.
Pratyaksha Email
Rohit is currently pursuing his Master’s from the Department of CSA at IISc. He did his BTech in CS from JGEC, West Bengal. He enjoys studying, coding, and training Neural Networks on real-world data, and likes working on One-shot Learning & Transfer Learning.
Rohit P. Email
Zaid is an M. Tech student in the CSA Department (Batch 2020-22). He has completed his B.Tech. in CSE from JIIT Noida. His interest lies in Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning.
Zaid Mohd Email
Jitendra is an M.Tech student in Artificial Intelligence (Batch 2020-2022). He completed his B.Tech from Kamla Neharu Institute of Technology, Sultanpur (U.P.). He has a keen interest in Generative Models which show that machines can also do creative work.
Jitendra Kumar Email

Former PhD students

Debarghya submitted his Ph.D. thesis in April 2016 and moved to University of Tubingen, Germany as a postdoctoral researcher in the Theory of Machine Learning Group. At present, he a faculty in Computer Science at Technical University, Munich, Germany.
Gaurav has submitted his thesis titled "Deep learning with minimal supervision" in November 2017 and moved to IBM IRL in Delhi.
Maria belongs to the erstwhile Algorithmic Algebra group. She submitted her thesis in July 2016 and moved to Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria as a post-doctoral researcher. At present, she is a faculty in Computer Science at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad. .
Ashwin submitted his thesis and moved to a startup. .
Shubham submitted his Ph.D thesis in May 2021 and defended in November 2021. Shubham's next stop is IBM Paris, where he will be a research scientist. .

Former Masters Students

Former Research Associates

Former Research Interns

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