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Research interests of Prof. Dukkipati lie in foundations of machine learning. In particular, he is interested in problems related to network analysis, spectral graph methods, machine learning in low data regime, sequential decision making under uncertainity and deep reinforcement learning.

Ph.D. Students

Shubham joined the lab in 2016. He is fascinated by the mesmerizing world of networks of different types and is interested in using statistical modeling to understand them.
Shubham GuptaEmail shubhamg@iisc
Annervaz did his Masters in IIT Bombay, and has been in Accenture Technology Labs since then. Currently, he joined for Ph.D. with the aim of developing tools and methods for learning from big data.
Annervaz K. M.Email annervaz@iisc
Tony is a PhD student joined in 2017. His main research focus is Bayesian Deep Learning & its applications. He has done his masters in Signal Processing from IISc and Bachelors in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from NIT Calicut.
Tony GraciousEmail tonygracious@iisc
Shaarad completed his masters in mathematics and joined the lab as a PhD student in 2018. He is interested in machine learning and deep learning.
A R ShaaradEmail rangaa@iisc
Rahul V is an PhD candidate (ERP) at CSA, IISc along with working in GE Healthcare. His day job is to tinker with machine learning algorithms to solve medical imaging problems, evenings for resigning to the fact that his tinkerings have underperformed the baselines and hopes he can enjoy academic delights in the night. He is broadly interested in understanding why deep learning algorithms work, and if they can indeed work well with noisy and fewer samples.
Rahul VEmail rahulv@iisc

Masters Students (Research)

Rajarshi completed his B.Tech from KIIT University in 2017. He is in a recurrent sequence of inspiration when coming up with new deep learning models followed by the immediate desperation when they fail.
Rajarshi Banerjee Email rajarshib@iisc

Masters Students (Project)

Aakash is an M.Tech. student in CSA Department (Batch 2019-21). He has completed his graduation from JEC, Jabalpur in 2018. He is interested in applying the concepts of machine learning and deep learning to solve complex problems such as making autonomous agents.
Ayan is M.Tech student in CSA Department. He has completed his BE from IES IPS ACADEMY Indore. He is interested in Statistical Learning Theory and Deep Learning. He is keen interested in applying Deep Learning approaches on Graphs.
Ayan Shaikh Email
Anoop is an M.Tech student in CSA Department (Batch 2019-21). He has completed his graduation from UPTU, Lucknow. He is interested in applying the concepts of deep learning, NLP and Representation learning to solve real world problems.
Anoop Kumar Email
Tejas is an M. Tech student in the CSA Dept (Batch 2019-21). He has completed his graduation from NIT Uttarakhand. His interest lies in Deep learning and its associated fields.
Tejas Duseja Email
Dhaval is M.Tech student in AI course. He is passionate about the way machine learning is transforming the world and helping the humans in different ways. He is interested in solving the real world problem using deep learning and Reinforcement learning.
Dhaval Parmar Udaybhai Email
Parag graduated from a govt. college in Kolkata and now is a grad. student in the CSA dept. His primary area of interest is vision and natural language, but he also finds reinforcement learning and robotics interesting. He uses statistical modelling and deep learning for solving problems.
Parag Dutta Email
Pritam is a graduate student in the department. He has completed his undergrad in Computer Science from HIT,Kolkata. He takes interest in Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. He is a voracious reader and magical realism is his favourite genre.
Pritam Kumar Nath Email

Former PhD students

Debarghya submitted his Ph.D. thesis in April 2016 and moved to University of Tubingen, Germany as a postdoctoral researcher in the Theory of Machine Learning Group. At present, he a faculty in Computer Science at Technical University, Munich, Germany.
Gaurav has submitted his thesis titled "Deep learning with minimal supervision" in November 2017 and moved to IBM IRL in Delhi.
Maria belongs to the erstwhile Algorithmic Algebra group. She submitted her thesis in July 2016 and moved to Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria as a post-doctoral researcher. At present, she is a faculty in Computer Science at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad. .
Ashwin submitted his thesis and moved to a startup. .

Former Masters Students

Former Research Associates

Former Research Interns

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